Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Move your body, dance with your Papi..."

Recently, I used to play Jennifer Lopez's "Papi", which serves as my background music from the time i step out of our house and as i sit on my work station. I am fond of playing several songs in the past, but this one catches my attention for the month of January, 2012. The song is about a giving happiness, pleasure and love (definitely) to someone you made special.I discovered this song from one of my friends. They are playing it while we are resting on their cozy house and I was impressed with the catchy sound and beat it has.
The lines "I'm good as long as he's around..." means that as long as he/she knows that their special someone is around, it will be more special than any other day. Lyrics also mentioned "I do my best to make him proud..." states that everything she/he does, everything and anything, it will bring pride to her/his partner. These lines made up the first stanza and made me think that this song is perfect for all lovers out there. As per J.Lo (short term for Jennifer Lopez), she calls her loved one as "Papi".

The Music Video of this song is more impressive. Directed by Paul Hunter, the same guy behind J.Lo's "If You Had My Love" (1999) and "Love Don't Cost a Thing" (2001). The video started when she is asking Lisa, the lady in-charged of the mails, about her letters. They converesed until Lisa offered a fortune cookie which will bring the guy back to J.Lo, since they are apart from some work issued on the guy's side. J.Lo bites the cookie with a little large part, making Lisa worried since she mentioned that it needed her only to bite a small amount. On the next day, J.Lo went out and started the magic which the cookie has. As she walks, guys from all over the place surrounded her, admiring her for just a simple grace. She dances in the middle of the situation and as it ended, the huge crowd of guys joined her in dancing and she was rescued by Papi, wearing like a general, military suit and saves her as the pool of guys turned loco with Ms. Lopez.

Rating this song from 1-5, I am giving it a 4. Why? The melody, the beat and the totality of the song is much appreciated. But as I observed, first is it sounded like one of the songs from Kat De Luna's "Whine Up" and I thought of the same thing happened way back, that J.Lo is known of stealing materials from other artists. Second, The dance moves that she showcased is not the same J.Lo that i was expecting before. She just showed a little and focused more on the thought of the video that she was chased and being admired. Lastly, i was saddened with this link: You may check it and see how it goes.

(thanks to for the lyrics, and for the video embed.)

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perfect yan! :D
medyo matagal na sya but i so love it especially the vid.