Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little thing called LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and BONDINGS

11:33 AM 1/9/2012

Friday shift - the last shift of the week. We used to go straight home and just relax or dine in the Urban Cafeteria near our office.  But this time, it was different. 

After everyone had finished their chores, logged out and went down to the elevator, we decided to eat. Me, Mother Monster (Vanessa Ladaban), Kaye Brosas (Kristine Camille Selbijan), Selena Gomez (Joy Marie Limbo), Bunso (Ruby Line Nayga) hurriedly went on to the food place and dine. I was counting them and then Mother Monstaer said, "hintayin natin si Vans...". So we chose our food and savor its home-filled taste. We noticed that Mother Monster's viand and she said, "Adobo everyday...". While waiting for Sexy Mama (Vans / Vanessa Navalta), Kaye checked Mother Monster's BB phone to add songs on it. We enjoyed our food and we noticed that Vans is approaching with her sexy dress, along with a chinese bag. Not mentioning the V-neck back of the dress, with a long, wide sleeves that fitted her body.

She went towards our table and said, "Saan tayo? Doon na lang tayo sa bahay...". Everyone seemed to be shocked and each of us has their own line. I came from hosting a wedding and i was in a formal attire that day. Joy will meet her sister at Greenhills. Ruby has shift that night. Mother Monster and Kaye were relaxed coz they have an extra time to bond with us. "Ano ba minsan lang naman ito noh...sige na sama na kayo...", Mother Monster said while looking the road to find a taxi. "Sige sagot ko na pang-taxi niyo..." Vans offered. "Ay hindi talaga ako puwede..." said Ruby, still unsure. "O sige basta hanggang twelve lang tayo ha...", Joy explained. Then we looked for 2 taxis and hurriedly went to Vans' home.

We were surprised... All of us had a big stare when we reached the place. The house seems to be at large and it is a 3 floors. A wide garage and small door, which leads to a wide space living room with full of ornaments and chinese related designs. We were so amazed on how it looked like. We glanced at those things they have inside the houase and all of them were amazingly kept, specially the 2007 Calendar (imagine its been 5 years ago) which still hanging on the wall. Vans said that the reason why the calendar is still on its original position because every name of their family member is written on it.

We are in the middle of thinking on what we can have for lunch, when suddenly we saw a pile of DVDs on a small rack. We hurriedly checked it and it contains several movies. They ladies tried to pick their favorites and also asked Vans if thay can borrow some and watch it at home. Some are typical filipino movies like "Panday", "Working Girls", "Temptation Island" and others. I was not able to check it because I was busy fixing the sofa coz i'm kind of sleepy and ready to have my dreams on a lunchtime. They picked the movie which shows news and reports that was prohibited to air on National Tv. Why? Beacuse it shows torn human skins, deadly stunts, detached body parts and other sensational news that was happened over americans and asians which was not seen on TV. I tried watching it and it gave us chills, screams and eerie faces that can bolow our heads because of the different morbid acts. Then, i fell asleep for a couple of minutes while they are preparing the food for lunch.

As I woke up, they are eating and so I stood up and joined them. Joy prepared us the icetea while watching "Temptation Island", which stars Marian Rivera, Lovi Poe, heart Evangelista, Solenn Heussaff and others. After that, we finsihed our meals and started to rest again. On the garage, we saw the foot spa machine that Vans bought so we tried it and it made our feet relaxed. Each of us had their own positions. The girls went manicuring themselves, while I pamper myself. We also saw Vans' pet, the Turtoise (turtles) as we enjoyed the spa. We finished it and went inside to take a rest.While all of us tries to sleep, they asked if we wanted to do something else. We tried to check again the DVD rack, and guess what we saw... MARIO MAURER'S "A LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE"!!! I hurriedly checked it coz i have not watched it yet. I told them that I
will borrow it, but they said we just have to watch it since we do not have anything to do, after eating the Red Ribbon Cake. :-) We watched the movie and it was SO GOOD, SO BEAUTIFUL, made us reminisce the days we have wayback high school. the crushy-washy thing, the loitering, the assignments, the projects and most of all... FRIENDS!

In the middle of watching it, the drama came in. Nam (who has a BIG crush with Shone, that Mario Maurer portrays), had the chance to tell her feelings to Shone, not even knowing that his crush already had a girlfriend. She said I LOVE YOU, but Shone did not throw back the sweete lines, but yet said that he is already committed. Nam (played by Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul) crashed and even fell on the swimming pool near the place where both of them standing. She ran away with a broken heart. That time, I was hardly crying. My eyes were swollen and i made Tin woke up because of me and Joy, sobbing over the movie. It ended well with tears and joy. After that, we realized that we had done so much on that day.

As I went home, i was really blessed and happy, knowing that friends are there, no matter how hard, how tough, how sad and how cruel life is, you still have your friends. We may gone through any trials and harships, BUT TRUE FRIENDS WILL STILL HELP AND PROVIDE COMFORT when you LEAST expect it. 


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